Moreton Island Day Trip

December 28th, 2019

My friend and I went to Moreton Island/Tangalooma for the day to get away before Christmas and have a relaxing day in the sun. Who doesn’t love a little getaway? Sometimes it’s nice to clear our mind and do something other than the regular. 

For those of you who don’t know, Tangalooma, also known as Moreton Island, is located 47km off the coast of Brisbane. It was named Moreton Island by Captain James Cook in 1770. Tangalooma is the Aboriginal (native Australians) name. It is the 3rd largest sand island in the world, known for its pristine water and white sand!

We woke up rather early, and planned to get onto the 7 am ferry. We ended up sleeping in a little too late and caught the ferry at 10 am (lucky, the next one was at 1 pm!)

It was a 1.5-hour ferry ride & when we arrived it was quite cloudy. The first thing I noticed was the water, how blue and clear it was. It looked like a tropical paradise! Everyone was playing in the water, on jet skis, sitting on the beach, or playing beach volleyball with their family & friends. 

Tangalooma has plenty of activities, you’d be lucky to fit them all in one day. 

We stayed at the Tangalooma resort in one of the resort rooms. For the accommodation on the island, you can look here

Booking the ferry is included in accommodation!

Below I will list the activities that you can enjoy whilst relaxing at this gorgeous island! 

  •  At 7 pm each day they have a dolphin feeding, where you can watch the regular visitors come close to shore and watch them get fed while they swim about! The dolphins have been visiting Moreton island since the 80’s bringing the entire pod!
  • They also have quad bikes you can hire, either 1 person or a tandem bike and you can go ALL around the island on these. There is so much to explore! 
  • Tangalooma have shipwrecks offshore, where you can snorkel around and see the beautiful tropical fish. Sometimes they have turtles and dugongs swimming about! The snorkelling tour can be purchased for $59pp and departs at 10 am, 1 pm, and 3:15 pm daily. They go for about 1.5 hours, and is an experience worth doing! We had so much fun and our snorkel guide was great as he explained the species we saw and told us there were over 200 types of fish in the wrecks! Equipment is provided. 
  • Another great activity you can do is the clear bottom kayaks. You can hire these 1 person or 2 person, and it’s a magical experience to see the water below you. They do an illuminated tour for $79 per adult and $69 per child, where an experienced guide takes you out to kayak around the wrecks at night, with an illuminated clear bottom kayak!
  • They also have helicopter tours, scuba diving, catamaran hire, motorboat hire, beach bikes, stand up paddle boards & much more! 

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