If you’re looking for a diverse, vegan, yet healthy place to go get a morning coffee or lunch, or a hot summers day snack! Charlies Raw Squeeze is the perfect place to go. I have been going here on a weekly (seriously) basis since I moved to Brisbane 2 years ago. Slightly more pricey than most places, but that is expected for cafes of the health food type.

Their menu caters for ALL occasions, whether you’re looking for something sweet like a cookie gelato or a detox acai smoothie, or a savoury wrap or taco bowl salad, Charlies always has something to satisfy your pallet. Another great thing about this cafe is the menu changes quite frequently. You never get sick of the same food and there is always something new to try.

They also partner with MooFree burgers and dough co who bring in fresh food each week and bake some sweet treats, which are more processed than the raw squeeze menu but are good for a treat. The Charlies raw squeeze menu does follow through with their name too, having all menu items raw. Their falafel wrap is my absolute favourite, toasted on a breezy day and a turmeric latte. In summer I am obsessed with their rainbow wrap, and their superfood acai bowl topped with fresh fruit. The mango is to die for!

Another must-try is the gelato. it is a “soft-serve” taste, made from coconut milk and coconut sugar! A healthier alternative to other ice creams that are out there with all of the nasties. My personal favourite is the peanut butter and cookies gelato, with raw peanut butter and freshly made Oreo cookie, it is the perfect snack for a dessert. They add a chocolate sauce over top of the gelato too which hardens when on the gelato, absolutely delicious!

The owners wanted to create a menu that would please everyone, vegan or non-vegan. They wanted to create a menu that would cater to people who choose to eat good, healthy, tasty meals without harming animals.

Charlie’s Group also supports local animal rescues and sanctuaries and work closely with animal protection organisations.

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Weekdays 7 am till 4:30 pm

Weekends 7 am till 4 pm


7 am – 5 pm

7 Days a Week


7 am – 7 pm

7 Days a Week


6am – 10pm

7 days a week


7 am – 5 pm

7 Days a Week


7 am – 7 pm

7 Days a Week


7 am – 4 pm

7 Days a Week


8 am – 8:30 pm

7 Days A Week

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